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Welcome to the Dragon Scale Directory by Dragon Plus. Just incase you are wondering the meaning of a "dragon scale directory", below you will find an explanation of both dragon scales and the Dragon Scale Directory.

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What are Plus Dragon Scales?

The "Plus Dragon Scales are the building block of our social networking directory. Our scales are the individual units of information that make up our unique data centric system. The Plus Dragon Scales are formulated to provide information, tools, tips, and resources about companies, brands, as well as abstract ideas.

Previously thought to be a mythical creature, a dragon is actually real creature not unlike an enormous reptile with large razor sharp claws, a tail similar to a serpent, wings with the span of a pterodactyl, and scaly skin (some species have the ability to produce fire from their third lung). The scaly skin is essentially made up of numerous armor plated "dragon scales".

Dragon scales are normally impenetrable, depending on a few variable factors (dragons age, number of fierce battles, etc.) The dragons scales are the primary building blocks of the dragons protective system. The human body has several systems that make up its anatomy. The dragon actually has much of the same systems. However, the dragon has at least one additional system of the anatomy which is called the "protective system". In summary, a dragon has a skeletal, digestive, muscular, lymphatic, endocrine, nervous, cardiovascular, male reproductive, female reproductive, urinary and protective system. The scale of a dragon, is a portion of the protective system.

In regard to most reptiles with scales, the scales are made of keratin and are formed from the epidermis. They may be ossified or tubercular, as in the case of lizards, or modified elaborately, as in the case of snakes. In regard to dragons (which are not actually proven to be reptiles), we are still uncertain as to the technical structure, elements, DNA, in the scales.

Known Attributes of a dragon scale:

  • Continued Growth : Although it is marginal growth after a particular age, dragons continuously grow throughout their life. The protective system is structured to take this continuous growth into account and the scales continue to grow along with the other features of the dragons body.

  • Strength : A dragon scale has unrivaled strength. The molecular structure is so dense and impenetrable, scientist have been unable to adequately study the true make up of the scales. Testing can only be done on the extreme outer core because scientists have been unable to breach the scale to conduct proper testing. Diamond drill bits, burn testing, nuclear fusion, capillary cryogenics testing, etc., has all failed.

  • Agility : Although it sounds unusual, each individual dragon scale actually moves independently. They move at lightning fast speed to contour to the dragons body position when the dragon is under attack or in harms way. Similar to when a human sneezes and our eyes shut automatically to avoid our eye balls from leaving our scull. The dragons scale movement is a natural and very agile reaction of the dragons overall protective system.

  • Re-Generation : Similar to some lizards, a dragon may experience Autotomy (auto means self; tomos means cut). In other words, dragons may experience self-induced releasing of a specific body part. In this case, I am referring to the self-induced release of an individual or multiple number of scales. In regard to some lizards, the tail can be pulled off by a predator. In regard to a "dragon", the scales can NOT be pulled off by a predator. However, the dragon has an internal mechanism to allow its body to intentionally release a scale. Although the dragon is capable of releasing scales as often as they wish, it is rarely done due to the length of time for the new fully armored scale to re-grow. During this time, the dragons protective system is vulnerable. During the re-growth phase, the scale is of slightly different color then the fully armored scales. Although the time period of re-generation has some risk, the Autotomy ability of the dragon is also beneficial. When a dragon scale re-generates, it re-grows even stronger then the original.

  • Color & Misc. Properties: Scales protect the body, aid it in locomotion, and allow moisture and oxygen to be retained within. They also give simple or complex coloration patterns which help in camouflage and anti-predator display. The shape and number of scales on the head, back and belly are characteristic to family, genus and species. Scales typically but not always have a nomenclature analogous to the position on the body. Scales vary in form from tubercular to platelike, or imbricate (overlapping). Plus Dragon believes, that some scales on the surface are composed of horny (keratinized) epidermis which may have bony plates underlying them; such plates would be called osteoderms. However, this aspect has not yet been proven by science.

  • The scales have several other attributes, and you can learn more about dragon scale attributes at the +Dragon page on Google+.

Again, the scale of a dragon is the building block of the dragons protective system. In regard to Plus Dragon, the scales are the building blocks of our social networking directory. Each Plus Dragon Scale is an the individual unit of information that make up our unique data centric system. The Plus Dragon Scales are formulated to provide information, tools, tips, and resources about companies, brands, as well as abstract ideas. As part of the Plus Dragon service, we have placed our Plus Dragon Scales into a directory to guide our viewers with their research. Similar to actual dragon scales, our system has the attributes of continuous growth, strength, agility, and the re-generation of data.

The Dragon Scales Directory is arranged by category of interest.

More information about our services will follow shortly.  The Plus Dragon is working to break free.  We will keep you advised when the Dragon Scales are complete.

We hope that you find our system beneficial. And yes, we do believe that dragons exist. Don't you?

What happens when the activity stream moves too fast? Google+ has so many users that many popular topics of interest appear to move at the speed of light. We need a pause button to slow the activity stream on occasion when it is moving to fast. The Dragon Scales have been designed with this issue in mind. Rather then being caught down stream with an overly active topic, Dragon Scales will allow you to take your time and navigate at your own pace to the subject of interest. From there, you can simply join in the conversation.  This is one of the many benefits of our Dragon Scale system.

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