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Bouchra Jarrar

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Bouchra Jarrar

After years as Nicolas Ghesquière�s assistant at Balenciaga, Jarrar worked for Christian Lacroix before his business sadly failed, and then decided it was time to speak up for herself. Studio director at Balenciaga between 1996 and 2006 with Nicolas Ghesquière, then director of couture studio with Christian Lacroix, Bouchra Jarrar has worked with a few of the most significant designers of our time. Greedy of profession, responsive to the virtuous actions of the little hands in the workshop, the young woman decouple creation and production. Where some encourage the drawing fashion sketches, Bouchra focuses on the volume and to express his idea of mode that offers today's behalf. She who was a student at the school Duperré, who is passionate in the workshops of research at Balenciaga or softens the blow of the chisel in contact with the business of haute-couture collection has a simple and singular, light and refined model where each said yet the attention it brought him. Each dress is an elegant handkerchief for the body, the very place where she now writes a new story along with delicacy and right tone.

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