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Broder Bros

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Broder Bros

Broder was founded in 1919 by Max and Louis Broder as a haberdasher in Detroit. The company distributed underwear, socks and hosiery to department stores.

Without knowing it, hundreds of thousands of people wear apparel and accessories distributed by Broder. Consumers may not recognize the company's name, but clothiers and promotional agencies certainly do. Whether the item is a company golf shirt, a T-shirt from a rock concert, or a souvenir shirt from a vacation destination, chances are it has passed through one of our 9 distribution centers in the United States.

In May 2000, Bain Capital LLC, one of the leading private equity investment firms in the world, purchased Broder from the Brodes. Since that time, Broder has increased the number of locations by acquiring St. Louis Tees in September 2000, Full Line Distributors in August 2001, Gulf Coast Sportswear in December 2001, and opening the Louisville location in April 2002.



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